Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is your title bestseller worthy?

Totally stealing this from my writing group friend. She is struggling with a new title for a revitalized WIP. Check it out here. her post she noted the website Lulu Titlescorer. I let it have at Distillation with its magical calculations and it came up 63% likely to be the title of a bestseller. HA! Will someone please tell an agent that.

Try yours out. I love my title and that is one of the secrets I harbor - well it won't be after right now - when and if I get a publisher to want my novel - it will be VERY hard on me if they want to change my title. I feel that everything in my book leads to it and comes from it. But of course, I would be reasonable. (maybe)

So please test out your titles. I hope they score high. Even if it's as accurate as a magic 8 ball - hey its something.


  1. I tried it--my book on sub apparently has a 36% chance of being a bestselling title. Man, I would take those odds. I wouldn't care too much if an editor asked me to change it, as long as we could come up with something I liked just as much!

  2. Hi Ariel!

    All my possible titles came out at 10%. I'm glad my pet names are more popular. "Maggie" is one of the most popular dog names.

    I've given you the Stylish Blogger Award, come by and pick it up.


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