Monday, July 12, 2010

I received an award

Wow - thanks Piedmont Writer. I am not really sure what to do with such an award because I am - as you said - a freshman here.

But thanks for the

award. And now I need to pass it on to someone else.

I will give this lovely "Bloom of an Idea Award" to Perri - because she is not only a writer - but is also a farmer and a mom and wow - she impresses me all the time.

And do I have to say some things about myself or is that just for certain awards?

Well - IDK - but I haven't done an about me - so I'll say seven things anyway - even if it is against award protocol.

1)I am a high school English teacher and have my summer off. I love teaching Hamlet, the Iliad, and All American Literature. My students are Juniors - aged 16-17. Oh what a job.

2) I am named after a wood sprite in Shakespeare's the Tempest (not that little mermaid)

3) I have three cats (Pedro, Lydia, and Simone) and 8 chickens (Helen, Clementine, Red, Agatha, Martha, and Gertrude [the 3 witches], and Elenore and Ophelia.

4) I love water - because I am a Cancer (but on the cusp of Gemini)

5) I am 33 and 5' 0" tall (on a good day)

6) I have only one sibling - a sister who is twelve years older than me

7) I grew up on a lake and when I was 14 my dad gave me a canoe and it was my trasportation for a long time.I have many fond memories of meeting my friends at the town beach and spending days island hopping and swimming

Thanks again Piedmont Writer - and maybe someday I will have more than 50 followers - but I have to admit - I am not as dedicated a blogger as many. I really just want to share my writing thoughts - because my husband can only listen to so much. I read them much more than I write them. I love reading everyone's posts very much.


  1. Hello Ariel! I came over from Piedmont Writer's blog. I must admit I thought of The Tempest first with your name, not The Little Mermaid, you'll be pleased to know. :)

    It sounds amazing to grow up by a lake and have your own canoe - wow. So different to where I grew up in a city!

  2. Well, I'm glad you like it. Everyone needs an award, and don't worry about hitting 50. Somedays when I look at how many I have I want to go back to under 20.

    And of course you weren't named for the mermaid. She was born after you.

  3. Thanks for the award, Ariel! My first one!


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